About Us

Prudent Equity is an independent equity research firm. We recommend those securities that meet our strict investment criteria and those that have a significant margin of safety. Some of the important traits we look for in an investment are :

  • Size of the opportunity.
  • Companies that generate high returns on capital.
  • Reasonable debt levels.
  • Available at a significant discount to its estimated intrinsic value.

The company is headed by its founder Siddharth Oberoi , who has an extensive investment experience in the stock market for over twenty five years. He has an expertise in finding medium and small company stocks that are able to maintain a strong long-term secular growth profile. Throughout his career (over each 3 year period since the last 25 years), Siddharth has outperformed the BSE Sensex and S&P Nifty 50 Index by a wide margin.

Siddharth Oberoi
Siddharth Oberoi Founder & CEO
"My effort here is to help our members earn above average investment returns. I believe I have a disciplined and opportunistic investment approach that offers the most sensible and rational approach to building wealth. The goal is to recommend those stocks that increase your capital at high rates over a long term period while employing less risk (risk in an investment context means: The risk of permanent loss of capital)."